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Searching for your perfect sauna, value, ease and convenience?’s dedicated customer service and comprehensive customization options have you covered! Our goal is to personalize your experience and create your dream barrel sauna within your budget!

Our  specialists are prepared to come to your home or cottage to suggest the best and most cost effective solution.

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Where Functionality Meets Beauty

Wellness Benefits

Barrel saunas increase blood circulation, especially when followed by cold water or air.

Scandinavian Design

Any features and designs that best suit your needs

Simple Assembly

Our pre-fabricated kits include quick and easy-to-follow instructions.

More opportunities to play with a design

We provide options to modify our barrel saunas to give you a personalized, quality product.

Wood-Burning Sauna

Our wood-burning saunas present a chance to enjoy the traditional and nostalgic experience. *Electrical barrel saunas are also available

Barrel Sauna Options

The barrel-shaped sauna is our best-value high-quality model and the most popular outdoor sauna. It’s ideal for small to medium-sized backyards and spaces. They will also be a great addition to your cottage living, especially, nearby the lake. 

Traditional Barrel Saunas

Our electric and wood-burning (with internal and external feed) barrel saunas start with 6’ in diameter, and can be built 7’ and 8’ in diameter. All of them have an optional porch and changing room with two benches on opposite sides of each other, the length of those you can modify at your own preference. 

The 8’ diameter barrel comes with two tiers of benches that makes a sauna more spacious and provides an opportunity to moderate the heat level by sitting on the first or second tier. There is still an option to come with one tier of benches. 

6’ and 7’ barrels come with one tier of benches.

The length of your barrel sauna can vary from 6’ (up to 4 persons) till 16’ (up to 14 persons), and you have an option to play with your length as you would like: add a porch, or change room, or both and make them 2’ and more.

You may add up to 5 tempered glass windows to your barrel sauna and lots of other features as described in the section below.

Panoramic & Half-Moon Panoramic Barrel Saunas

The Panoramic Barrel sauna is similar to the classic barrel sauna structure, but with an acrylic bubble to the back wall that will provide you with spectacular and breathtaking views. This barrel sauna provides you with more space and beautiful views that help you reduce stress and be even closer to nature.

This type of barrels come with electric or wood-burning internal feed stoves. 

There is an option to have a sauna with a half-moon panoramic window (bronze tempered double glass) that will also provide you with beautiful views and provide you with an ability to also have a wood-burning external feed stove.

Custom-Made Barrel Saunas

We aim to make the sauna of your dreams with a custom model! You can choose any available material, size, type, and feature to build your own relaxation destination!

Barrel Sauna Add Ons

Any of the following features can be added:

Bronzed Tempered Glass Window(s)
Cedar (or any other materials) Flat Floor Inserts
Pre-Drilled Drains for Easy Cleaning
Additional Box of Volcanic Rocks 20kg
Stainless Steel Components
Marine Grade Aluminum Straps for Barrels
Cradles Leveling
Changing room
Roof shingles
Additional benches
Towel hangers

We may also affix  a showerhead to the sauna that can be used as a shower after taking a sauna by connecting it to the garden hose.

Barrel Sauna Features

Made from 100% Canadian Wood

Our sustainably sourced Canadian wood species are high-quality, versatile, and easy to use. We offer red and white cedar, spruce, aspen, and pine species, which you can also mix, such as a pine sauna with cedar floors and benches. With Canada’s stringent forest laws and certifications aimed at combatting climate change, choosing sustainable wood products is an accessible and essential step in the fight for a better, more renewable future.

Hand-Crafted Scandinavian Style Barrel Sauna

The traditional Scandinavian sauna utilizes dry heat and low humidity from burning wood to detoxify the body. Distinctive from steam or soaking baths, our Scandinavian designs are precisely crafted and installed to offer a sense of dependability and allow you to appreciate health and wellness benefits.

Wood-Burning Stove Included

An external feed wood-burning stove design enables users to keep the mess of ash and wood chips out but requires leaving the sauna sometimes to add firewood. Having an internal feed stove should include bringing and storing firewood in the sauna and cleaning the ashtray, but it allows you to stay inside during your session. However, the internal feed stove enables you to enjoy the ambient light produced by the fire and not to leave a sauna to add firewood to a stove.

*Electrical heaters are also available

High-Quality Tempered Glass Windows & Door

Tempered glass is four times stronger and adapts better to dramatically changing temperatures than regular glass. It is designed with safety in mind, shattering into small circular pieces instead of sharp, jagged shards in case of breakage. All our saunas use tempered glass to ensure their high quality and reliability.

5 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty

Our goal is to provide you with the perfect sauna and ensure you feel safe and secure with your purchase. For your peace of mind, we offer a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on all our barrel saunas. This includes any defects in materials and workmanship under normal/residential use from the date of receipt of the product by the original end-user consumer. This warranty does not cover regular required maintenance, misuse, or negligence of the sauna. Please consult warranty conditions or contact our team for further details and assistance.

Please note that if an electrical heater or other electrical stuff related to a sauna was not completed by a licensed electrician, the warranty is voided.

Why choose an Barrel Sauna?

With, your enjoyment and satisfaction are our top priority! We will guide you through every step of planning, customizing, installing, and maintaining your barrel sauna. Through initial at-home consultations, providing plenty of options to suit your needs, and assistance building a foundation or assembling your sauna if required, we will deliver excellent service tailored to you! Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals will also ensure bylaw and fire department regulatory and compliance requirements are followed based on your area. Best of all, we offer affordable prices with financing options and a unique experience for every customer!

Barrel Sauna FAQ

All our saunas are made in Canada and come in prefabricated kits with assembly instructions. The assembly takes approximately 6-8 hours, but it depends on the individual’s abilities and skills, as well as the type and size of the sauna. Our company also offers an assembly service to save you time and ease your stress. Please note that a manufacturer’s warranty can be voided if you do not follow the instructions.

Before and during your sauna session, make sure to stay hydrated with plenty of water. Your first session should be no longer than 15 minutes, followed by a 10-15 minute break, and slowly extend your use over time. Circulate the air inside by opening the door and ventilation following your use. You should also clean the surfaces after every session or at least once a week if you are not regularly using the sauna. To ensure the longevity of your barrel sauna, clean your stove often and maintain wood surfaces by sanding and varnishing them at least twice a year.

Your ideal stove choice depends on where the sauna will be placed and your personal preferences.

Electric stoves heat up in around 10-20 minutes with the press of a button. You can pour water on the rocks without issue to regulate the temperature. Installation in urban areas is especially simple, and an electrician can usually hook up the connection in a few hours.

Wood stoves are the traditional choice and can be installed almost anywhere. Heating the sauna takes about 20 minutes and requires loading wood into the stove. You can control the temperature and scent based on which species you burn.

Our specialists are prepared to come to your home or cottage to suggest the best and most cost effective solution

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