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Dobroslet 2022

This year the Team is proud to be a part of Dobroslet, the Festival of Music and Creativity. Guests will have an opportunity to participate in a various workshops and masterclasses, sing songs at the campfire, attend concerts, play sports, enjoy nature, relax in a wood-fired sauna following the outdoor activities, and much more. 
  • Dobroslet will take place on Aug 26-28, 2022:
  • Masterclasses for adults
  • Songs at the campfire till the dark
  • Access to a lake
  • 2 hours drive from Toronto
  • 500+ participants
  • Family Dobroslet will take place on Sep 2-5, 2022:
  • Workshops for adults and kids
  • Bouncy castle for kids
  • Quite time after 11:00 pm
  • A “quite field” for families with small kids with quite time after 8:00 pm
  • 40 mins drive from Toronto
  • Swimming pool
  • Picturesque pond
iSauna will provide saunas, hot tub, and cold plunge tubs in both Festivals to ensure that participants can enjoy the full luxury of a sauna experience in the “woods”. Kids admission is free of charge. The tickets are selling out fast! Please visit for more information and tickets, and join Telegram group chart, Instagram and Facebook for updates. Here are the highlights of the Dobroslet 2021: