Health benefits OF

Health Benefits OF A SAUNA

A sauna will provide you with lots of benefits in addition to unforgettable memories, great time with friends and family, relaxation, enjoyment, and wellness:

Heart and vessels:
Respiratory System:
Joints, Ligaments, and bones:
Nervous System:

Boosting your immune system by raising your body temperature

The sauna should be used MODERATELY and with caution! Overheating and a long stay in the sauna may lead to the following problems:

Please speak with your doctor prior to using a sauna if you are pregnant, or have any of the following conditions: problems with heart and/or vessels, kidneys, nervous system, stomach issues, inflammation, or have any other type of medical issues that may be exacerbated by hot temperatures.

We recommend you avoid using a sauna right after surgery or if you don’t feel comfortable in the hot environment.