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Lola’s Dip October 22-23, 1:00 – 6:00 pm is honoured to be part of the Lola’s Dip, a fundraising event in memory of Lola Bower who lived 16 days back in  2015. Her parents, Geoff and Ofelia, and older sister Mar, miss her everyday and throughout the years have made it an annual commitment to celebrate her life and contribute to SickKids Hospital in her memory. During the event, brave participants will be going into Lake Ontario, without wetsuits, as a symbol of being able to get through challenges with community support and strength. Our sauna will help people keep warm after being in the Lake.

If there was a visible example of what a supportive community looks like,

it would be THIS

You don’t have to dip in the lake

You don’t have to donate to attend

You can just come and witness LOVE

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Sunday October 23rd from 2-4pm at Lola’s bench (East side of the Woodbine Pool)