We do a thorough cleaning of the entire sauna before and after each use. We don’t use any harsh chemicals, only natural cleaning products.

Our staff wear a mask and keep a safe distance at all times

The price of the sauna depends on the chosen size, type, rental rate, and add-ons. Please check our Book Your Sauna page for more information.

Our saunas can accommodate up to 6-8 people at a time. Please check the sauna description at the time of booking to ensure that the right size is selected.

Yes, you can. If you buy a sauna, the rental fee will go towards the sauna price. Please contact us for more information.

Before visiting the sauna, we strongly recommend you speak with your doctor, even if you got used to the sauna or hot temperatures before your pregnancy. 


Kids can also use a sauna, but only with adult supervision at all times. If you have any concerns about your child(ren) using a sauna, please speak to the pediatrician to confirm if your child can use a sauna, at what temperature, and for how long they can be in the hot environment.

Always remember that your child(ren)’s body warms up quickly than of an adult. Children should not be in a sauna for a long period of time. Please be extra cautious when children are present.

Please check the Health Benefits Page for more information

Please speak with your doctor prior to using a sauna if you are pregnant, or have any of the following conditions: problems with heart and/or vessels, kidneys, nervous system, stomach issues, inflammation or any other type of medical issues that may be exacerbated by hot temperatures.

We recommend you avoid using the sauna right after a surgery or if you don’t feel comfortable in the hot environment.

All our saunas are wood burning

One bag of wood is included in rental fee. You may purchase additional bags of wood at the time of rental.

Rental fee includes one bag of fire wood, water bucket, ladle, and essential oils. Please see additional items at time of booking.

At the time of booking, you may pay with credit card or send us an e-transfer. There will be a 3% service fee for credit card payments. Cash is also accepted.

Please contact us for rental program details.

Yes, you will require to accept and sign a waiver (terms and conditions) at the time of booking.

One of our team members will come on site to provide you with training on how to operate a sauna and review safety and maintenance procedures.

Yes, there will be an inspection before and after the rental period is complete. If any damages are found or if the sauna is returned uncleaned (with whisk leaves, cups, etc.), a $100 cleaning service fee will be charged.

Please check the Description for each sauna on Book Your Sauna page

Yes, you have an option to purchase additional items at the time of booking. Please visit the Book your sauna page

YES, with our new CRANE SERVICE we will place the sauna in your backyard or an area that is not accessible by the delivery vehicle. The crane operator and our team member will come on site to place your sauna at the spot you want.

Check our Crane Service page for more information. The crane fee is approximately $900 plus HST (depending on the complexity of the hoist)

If you are not sure where to place the sauna, our team member will schedule a virtual meeting with you to provide the best advice.

Our saunas do not require any permits. Please ensure that the sauna stove is at least 1.2 meters away from any fence or your neighbour’s property line.

The sauna can be placed in your driveway, backyard, or any other solid and level ground.

If you are not sure where to place the sauna, our team member will schedule a virtual meeting with you to provide the best advice.

Yes, you may pick-up and drop-off a sauna by yourself. Please check description on the Book Your Sauna page for the height, width, weight, and length of a sauna along with a trailer. There will be a fee for the late drop-off.

For any questions, please Contact Us at 647-564-2849 or via email info@iSauna.ca