A Wood-Fired Mobile Sauna Rental

A barrel SAUNA for your outdoor living enjoyment!


Looking for a unique idea for your next get together with family or friends? A sauna rental from iSauna will provide you and your guests with a relaxing retreat from your busy schedule!

Our sauna rentals are traditional wood-burning saunas that seat 6 to 10 people and range in size from 6 to 12 feet. To enhance your sauna rental experience, consider adding our 6-person inflatable hot tub, beer kegerator, hammock, Muskoka chairs and more!

When you rent a sauna, we’ll transport it to your location of choice. If you choose to use the sauna in an area not accessible by a delivery vehicle, our crane service will set up your sauna rental in your desired location. 

Whether you want to use the sauna rental to amplify a special event, a small get-together with friends, vacation rental, or to relax after a favorite workout routine, iSauna has you covered.

Real Wood products

Made from 100% real wood

Thermally Modified

Naturally enhanced using just heat and steam

Delivered Anywhere

To your driveway, backyard, or any solid and level area


Committed to environmental responsibility


Safe and efficient burn




Sanitized before and after each booking

A Sauna Oasis Delivered to You

Add a little heat to your friends and family gatherings, vacation rental, yoga and health retreats, bachelor and bachelorette parties, camping, festivals and so much more…


Check out our new Crane Service that will place the sauna in your backyard or any other area that is not accessible by the delivery vehicle

Book Your Sauna Now and Enjoy an Unforgettable Experience!

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sauna rental


Round Standard Classic Wood Burning Sauna for up to 6-8 people

  • Windowed Door• 2 Front Windows• Flat Cedar Slat Flooring• Exterior Towel Hooks

Included in the rental fee:

  • One bag of firewood
  • Bucket and ladle
  • Essential Oils

More bags of firewood can be purchased at the time of booking a sauna at $15/bag

Sauna FAQs

There are a myriad of health benefits when using a sauna. Some benefits you can  expect from your sauna rental include:

  • improved immune system and cleansing from bacteria, microbes and other contaminants 
  • advanced skin elasticity and softness 
  • improved blood circulation and enhancement of cardiovascular functioning
  • enhanced recovery following intense physical activity
  • improved air exchange in the lungs, with improved lung ventilation.
  • improved elasticity and mobility of the ligaments and joints 
  • promotion of healing of injured ligaments, joints and bones 
  • bone strengthening and calcification 
  • muscle relaxation and increased muscle endurance 
  • promotion of weight loss and increased metabolism
  • improved kidney function from increased sweating
  • reduced stress and fatigue, and more.

A classic wood-fired banya sauna has an internal temperature ranging from 45 to 90 degrees Celsius. The humidity level ranges from 40 to 65%. This temperature range provides associated benefits, like increased weight loss. The sauna temperature creates a comfortable and relaxing environment for the body and mind.

You don’t need to spend an extended time inside the sauna to reap the benefits of your sauna rental. The ideal time you should spend enjoying your sauna ranges from 10 to 20 minutes maximum for a healthy person. However, you should immediately shorten your sauna session if you experience shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness, or any other discomfort.

If you have any concerns about your physical or mental health, we recommend you consult with your family physician before using a sauna. Keep in mind that hydration is essential, so make sure you’re drinking plenty of water while using the sauna. In addition, we recommend avoiding alcohol consumption while in the sauna because it will worsen the dehydration caused by the sauna’s heat. Sauna use should last 5 to 20 minutes, followed by a break and cooling down before the next session. Sauna surfaces can become extremely hot, so avoid touching the heater or rocks and place a sauna mat or towel when sitting or laying on sauna benches. To guarantee a risk-free sauna rental experience, caution and common sense are always recommended.

Following your sauna session, you can expect to feel improved relaxation and rejuvenation. You can do a number of things to make the most of your sauna session, such as taking a cold shower, applying body creams and scrubs to improve the after-sauna skin benefits, drinking lots of water, unwinding and avoiding physical activity right away, and replenishing minerals with a snack like a protein smoothie, banana, or nuts. We also recommend extending your relaxation by meditating, listening to relaxing music or taking a nap.