You are currently viewing Winter Anahata February 17-20, 2023

Winter Anahata February 17-20, 2023 was so proud to be a part of the Winter Anahata this year during the Family Long Weekend. This event is a celebration of the season’s beauty, where cherished memories are made and laughter echoes through the frosty air. 

The Winter Anahata is where the magic of the season unfolds and hearts expand with positive change, and where participants have a unique opportunity to connect with nature, forge new friendships, and nurture their souls through various activities. As the day transitions into night, all people prepare to be enchanted by the captivating sounds of ambient music spun by talented DJs. This music intertwines with laughter and joy, creating an atmosphere of pure bliss.

This is an unforgettable winter experience, where your heart will expand, nature will embrace you, and creativity will flow freely. Discover the transformative power of connection and leave with a renewed spirit, ready to embrace the wonders that lie ahead!

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